1Luxury Custom Homes

Our vast expertise and passion in building will bring your dream to life


From retail to general offices we personify quality, attention to detail and timely results


We listen to your needs and ideas and work with you to make your home fit how you & your family live, work and play

4Green Technology

We have extensive experience in sustainable development and we can put your home on the leading edge of Green

5Project Management

We handle all aspects of contract administration, construction management and project close out freeing you to carry on with your life worry-free


Call us to bring your vision to life.


Scott Vanular and Cooper Grant founded Construct & Conserve as an innovative sustainable development company to educate clients and the building industry on Green Building technologies and practices.

While green technology and sustainable development are still important to them, they have evolved their business to encompass complete building services for clients with grand visions of custom dream homes. This is where they excel.