Construct & Conserve commits to provide the highest calibre of craftsmanship and integrity on every construction project. Unwavering in serving our client’s best interests, we strive to exceed all expectations to pursue our goal of creating lifelong relationships.


Award winning contemporary straw bale custom home
Award winning contemporary straw bale custom home
My family and I experienced a house fire which literally left us homeless & all our personal items, including my wedding ring were destroyed. That’s when we met Scott Vanular, whom we interviewed and hired pretty much on the spot. Jason & I were very interested in Green Building, design & working with nature to reduce our carbon footprint in life. Our old home was a poorly insulated cottage property on 8 acres of land, which left us scrambling with approximately $8,000+ dollars in oil bills, just to heat our home annually.

Scott’s approach made sense for our family! He recommended a few things, including Strawbale, ICF basement & passive solar windows which looking back, has saved us money in the long run! Jason and I were specific about what we wanted and our primary goal was heat conservation during the winter months & sustainability. Our home has many green features which in combination, works together to achieve our goals.

Scott is passionate about Green Building, which you will see if you ever have a conversation with him. His love of creating a ‘Win Win’ situation for his clients is remarkable. He is extremely professional, enjoys listening to his clients & provides economical recommendations to ensure he understands the ‘wish list’ of what his customer is looking for.

Our home was awarded the 2011 Pickering Sustainability Award. The City of Pickering hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony at our home and guest from China travelled here to see the house and learn about its construction. Our home was also featured in the Toronto Star, Hamilton Spectator & National Post.

Working with Scott & learning about Green Building has essentially altered my career path, as I am now a Green Real Estate Agent and work with a niche clientele to assist in the evolution of Green Real Estate in the Canadian market. Many green realtors are missing the true essence of the full function of what green building entails and how it all works together to reduce our carbon footprint. This experience has opened up my eyes and now I really want to help educate people on the power of green building!

Scott Vanular will always be the first person I recommend to my clients and Construct & Conserve will definitely build my next home! I can’t say enough about Scott & his team, as our experience has been very positive & enlightening one.Michelle Boodhoo

Lillian Testimonial
I had my little cottage for 20 years, always dreaming about tearing it down and rebuilding my dream home.

We interviewed 8 different builders. Scott at Construct and Conserve impressed us with his customer dedication and commitment to high quality. Ongoing communication throughout all aspects of the project confirmed building knowledge, expertise in project management, and excellent people skills with attention to customer needs. Scott always had time for my questions, providing assistance in the many decisions along the way. Attention to detail was a significant strength.

Most important, Scott was able to work confidently with both the conservation groups and building departments by developing relationships, meeting local requirements and “doing his homework”.

All the trades of Construct and Conserve were phenomenal individuals and worked as a team. They demonstrated professionalism and customer care to a high standard.

Construct and Conserve was able to meet both the timelines and cost estimates. As you can imagine, this was important when taking on a project of this magnitude.

Building my custom home with Construct and Conserve was the best experience! I told Scott, if I win the lottery, he’s my first call. We are doing it again.Lillian Lahe

We decided to purchase a Linwood vacation home, and chose Construct & Conserve as the builder, led by Cooper Grant. Building this home was our first major project. Cooper was so easy to work with and always responded to us immediately. He made the whole process so easy. The quality of work, project management, organization and communication were fantastic! We anticipated some delays and maybe little issues along the way. To be honest it couldn’t have been easier and smoother. No major issues at all.

The reaction to this cottage and the amount of time it took was unbelievable. Even the neighbours were impressed with how quickly it was done while being respectful to other cottagers.

I always felt like Construct & Conserve had our best interests at heart and we trusted their honesty and integrity throughout the process. Cooper treated the construction of this home as his own and was very particular about the details – this cottage was built as if he built it for himself. Construct and Conserve delivered exactly what we envisioned and we appreciated their expertise every step of the way. Ted & Anna-Maria E.

Construct & Conserve built my retirement home in Bobcaygeon – it’s a straw bale panel home with a timber frame interior. I had been investigating straw bale for 20 years. I met Scott Vanular on a job site where he was building a straw bale home. I was really impressed, he had the expertise and was confident. My only hesitation was how young he was!

I had never done anything of this size before, but I knew what I wanted to do and Scott helped me put it all together. He reviewed the architect’s plans and found some mistakes that he fixed before the final drawings.

Scott was always approachable and had great suggestions to help me manage cash flow. He was also very helpful in coaching me through all the decisions that had to be made. He really impressed me – he was always calm and never seemed stressed. In the beginning, my friends were making fun of my straw house, now they love it. Straw bale is super insulating and sound proof – the house is amazing.

When I would read construction horror stories in the paper, I’d actually laugh about it. Scott’s not like that at all. In a heartbeat I would hire him again – he’s a guy who won’t let you down.Tim Killaby

I’ve known Dean at Construct & Conserve since 2009. I’ve seen the houses he built for himself and knew his talent level was very high. For me, what was important was if I’m going to spend that amount of money – I don’t care who it is – I want it the way I want it.

We had an older 1960‘s home with some pretty ugly siding. Construct & Conserve replaced the entire exterior and installed Hardie siding, stone, beautiful Douglas Fir posts, exterior doors and all the trim work.

This is the second house I’ve redone – and I was always in charge as the general contractor, so I’m very familiar with construction. This was a large scale job.

What I love about Dean and Cooper is their approach: they believe anything in the world is possible, it just depends on your budget.

When I met with them, they were very practical in how they discussed options; they weren’t condescending, just realistic. They offer their opinions, but also understand the must-haves. They’re also excellent at brainstorming ideas. As a client, no matter now much you think you know, you’re not going to know everything. But they’ve been there and seen it before. They have the ability to help coach you and enhance your initial design. All of their crews were extremely well mannered and conducted all the work professionally – each of them, all the time.

We are thrilled with the results, which were all completed on time and exactly to budget. Lots of people we don’t recognize are still driving by to stop and look. The neighbours are all amazed and can’t believe how fast and how well it was finished.

It’s tough to find contractors you can trust. If people are considering Construct & Conserve, the words “professional” and “quality” should be front & centre. I already have plans with Dean to build us an entire house. It’s absolutely in our future to have a Construct & Conserve home.”Ryan Walker


We’ve got a cottage on Lake Scugog which I renovated myself about 5 years ago. But we always wanted an addition with a great room, dining room and fireplace.

A neighbour had used Construct & Conserve (led by Dean Kleon) to build a full custom home. They were very diligent, and respectful of the area.  Their excellent workmanship was obvious and they were well organized.   We hired them to build us a 1,000 square foot addition and put a new roof on the whole cottage.

I had some apprehension in the beginning because it was such a big job.  But through the entire build I never had one problem. My family & I lived through the construction.  The crews were very professional, all decent people.  I never had to worry about my kids learning any new vocabulary!

Because it’s a cottage, I really wanted it to be done by summer.  My friends thought the crew would start and move on to another job.  But no, they were here every day and finished weeks early, even with the changes we made to the plans.

Construct & Conserve has a very high standard of work, and they do it efficiently. It was all done perfectly, the way it should be.  I knew the quality was excellent because I finished the interior, and there were no surprises for me to deal with.

I would 100% hire them again, which I think is the best endorsement of all.”M.M.